December 16, 2019

Anything Goes Ep81 with Britain’s Toughest Man Baz Patterson

James English, The Anything Goes Show Ep81.

The story of Barrington Patterson (one eye Baz)

Blinded in one eye his tormentors called him 'One Eye' or 'Cyclops'; it could have instilled a victim mentality in him, but instead he became a fighter. One by one, those who tormented him would get their comeuppance.. In his turbulent teenage years, 'Baz' adopted a criminal lifestyle. He went from Rude Boy to Casual and became a leading figure in Birmingham City FC's Zulu Warriors. When not training in martial arts or proving himself as a cage fighter, he also cut a powerful figure in Coventry's clubland where he ran its toughest doors. For all his ferocious reputation, One-eyed Baz reveals a character of great warmth and loyalty, a charismatic figure strong enough to embrace the combat sport of cage fighting and prove himself 'King of the Ring'. One-eyed Baz will surely be lauded as a classic of the hard-man genre

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