October 14, 2019

Anything Goes Ep71 with Michael Tarraga, Exposing Peadophiles and Tells His Heartbreaking Story.

James English, The Anything Goes Show Ep71.

As a baby Michael Tarraga never left the hospital in the arms of his mother. She left him there the day he was born, with his twin brother. She also abandoned their two year old sister.
This is a story of what happened next and how a child without a family can be exploited, abused and sold from the age of 5, Michael was continually anally raped for half a crown, sold out by Bob and Ivy Woods who he had to call Mum and Dad.

Michael is now 70 years old and dying from COPD. Keen for his story to be told before he leaves this world - so that he and others can one day get peace and justice, but more importantly that this kind of horrific sexual abuse, happens to no other child.

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