March 9, 2020

Anything Goes Ep 92 - Britain’s longest serving transgender prisoner tells all.

Anything goes with James English Ep/92.  

  Sarah Jane Baker, Britain’s longest serving transgender tells her story.

  Sarah has just recently been released after serving 30 years in prison. Sarah was imprisoned for kidnapping and torturing her stepmother's brother and then given a life sentence for the attempted murder of another prisoner.

  Sarah grew up on the tough streets of London and when she was a child, her father lost a business, and after that, the abuse started. He tortured everyone around him, including my mum, and later on, my step-mums. In my family, there’s a lot of abuse, and that abuse also happened when I was in care.

  Sara’s abusive upbringing made her angry and full of hate and got her into a lot of trouble from a very young age.

  Sarah spent all her adult life locked up as a male prisoner and that's a dangerous place to be as a trans woman. Sarah lost count of the things that happened to her inside. She has scars all over her body Where she has been cut with razorblades and stabbed and also she was stripped, pinned down and had boiling hot water and sugar poured all over her.

  Sarah was also raped on Numerous occasions And gang raped. The group would also stick a pool cue in her Every time they raped her.

Sarahs struggles with her gender really came to a head when She was inside. Although She was allowed access to make-up and hair products, She wasn't allowed oestrogen. In order to access it under the terms of the Gender Recognition Act, She needed to prove She had lived two years as a woman. But for me, serving a life sentence, that was impossible. So Sarah decided enough was enough and resorted to drastic measures in December 2017 She cut off her testicles in her own prison cell and nearly died doing so.

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