July 6, 2020

Anything Goes Ep 106 - Street fighter Richy Horsley tells his story

Anything goes with James English Ep/106

  There are few men tougher than Richy Horsley.  Boxer, street fighter and bouncer.  Crazy Horse, as he is better known, is part of the underbelly of the hardman scene.  So tough is he, that he has even accepted a challenge from Britain's most dangerous prisoner, Charles Bronson, to be his first boxing opponent upon Bronson's eventual release from prison.  As a young man, he channelled his rage into boxing and he became one of the toughest fighters in the land.  Yet this man has much more to offer than just his fighting credentials.  Having shunned his life of bar-room brawling, drinking and drugs, Richy now devotes his time to being a father and being committed to a boys' club that takes kids off the streets and encourages them into the ring.

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